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Yael Steinfeld

Ayurveda is a science of holistic health. It may have been the most ancient healing science known to Man.

Yael Steinfeld

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Herbs, special food and lifestyle, oil treatments and other modalities help bring harmony and equilibrium to the life-long imbalances created by changes in seasons, life events, food, stresses and work.


The beauty of Ayurvedic medicine is in its personal approach and deep understanding of early stages of imbalances. When Western medicine ‘waits’ for more symptoms, Ayurvedic medicine is already able to treat the early changes and thus, prevent advanced diseases.  You may be able to resume balance and harmony with adjustment of food and lifestyle. Or you may benefit from Ayurvedic herbs, oil treatments, yoga, meditation and pranayama (healing breathing exercises).


Ayurvedic evaluation looks at your genetic constitution, present state of imbalance, social issues, and your emotional and physical condition. It recognizes the importance of spirituality, lifestyle, and stress in our ability to live a healthy & happy life.


Part of the Ayurvedic diagnosis is clarifying a balance or imbalance in our constitution. From observation of nature we know that there are five elements in all  creation: earth, water, fire, air and space (ether).

Ayurveda goes further to say that we all have a unique composition of three characters, orDosha in Sanskrit: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

VATA dosha  has the qualities of wind, air & ether.

PITTA dosha has the qualities of heat, sun, fire, & metabolism.

KAPHA dosha has the qualities of water and earth, love and grounding.

Click on the “Dosha quiz” webpage for insight into your individual unique dosha.


My sessions include an Ayurvedic assessment and diagnosis of your constitution and state of balance.

Your sessions may include


lifestyle and diet recommendations

yoga, meditation, and Pranayama (breathing techniques)

Ayurvedic oil treatments, and herbal remedies.





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Years In Private Practice?

1-2 Years

Contact Phone


What Ayurvedic Services are offered?

  1. Anxiety Issues
  2. Ayurvedic Facials
  3. Ayurvedic Massages
  4. Beauty Treatments
  5. Children Consultations
  6. Chronic Conditions
  7. Depression Issues
  8. Digestion Issues
  9. Dosha Test
  10. Dosha Tests
  11. Exhaustion Issues
  12. Fatigue Issues
  13. Fertility & Virility Issues
  14. Hair Loss Issues
  15. Insomnia Issues
  16. Lifestyle Consultations
  17. Lifestyle Consults
  18. Massage Services
  19. Memory Issues
  20. Mood Swing Issues
  21. Nasya Karma
  22. Neuro Muscular Issues
  23. Pregnancy Guidance
  24. Pulse Test
  25. Pulse Test
  26. Puncha karma
  27. Punchakarma
  28. Rejuvenation Services
  29. Shirodhara
  30. Skin Issues
  31. Weight Loss Issues
  32. Ayurvedic Consultations

Days of Week Open

  1. Mon
  2. Tue
  3. Wed
  4. Thu
  5. Fri
  6. Sat
  7. Sun


226 west Foothill Blvd





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