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Wise Earth Monastery

Founded by Maya Tiwari in 1981, Wise Earth School of Ayurveda is the first school for Ayurveda teachings in the USA

Wise Earth Monastery

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In the Vedic tradition…

Just as there are many modalities of Yoga and Meditation, there are specific schools of thought in Ayurveda. These schools are identified by the names of the sages who have manifested, or written specific protocols and values for that body of work. In the case of Maya Tiwari’s work for Wise Earth School, sadhana is identified as our unique educational model, as opposed to the clinical and prescriptive models inherent in modern Ayurveda schools.

Sages and seers are known to keep the wisdom of the Vedas alive by re-manifesting bodies of its massive work, and reintroducing them when the time or era demands that specific knowledge. Maya Tiwari’s work of Wise Earth Ayurveda® flows in seamless accord with the infinite wisdom of her Vedic tradition called Veda Vyasa.

The Vedic tradition sees its authors and sages, along with their tomes of knowledge as immortal; perennially sustained from timeless beginning to the present day. As an oral tradition, the Vedas is preserved through its parampara-generation after generation by numerous Vedic sages and gurus. Many sages take physical birth into the earthly plane of existence, yet, they are not considered earthly beings that simply subsist in the present. They produce tomes of knowledge, and then disappear into the world of the Pitris to become our ancient ancestors. They are individually and collectively seen as the One, perennially generating Infinite Consciousness- Brahman- who is born every day and never dies.

Wise Earth Ayurveda: The Philosophy & Teachings

Cardinal Principles of Wise Earth Sadhana 

  • WholenessRealizing the true Self to be one with nature
  • SimplicityPracticing humility through surrender to nature’s intelligence
  • AhimsaHarmony: Committing to inner harmony
  • MemoryRestoring cosmic, cognitive, and ancestral memory
  • RhythmHonoring nature’s nourishers: Food, Breath & Sound
  • Sadhana – Sacred PracticeAligning every activity in accord with nature’s rhythms
  • ConsciousnessCultivating inner awareness and knowingness

Like the original vaidyas- Atharvanas -Maya Tiwari lays the foundation of sadhana in Wise Earth Ayurveda education for cultivating inner awareness by reclaiming our connection to nature’s ways. Wise Earth Ayurveda establishes the ancient wisdom and ways of cyclical rhythms – daily, seasonal, lunar, and solar. In these profound studies we learn to awaken the memory and intelligence for absolute self-healing and profound peace. According to the Atharva Veda, Ayurveda’s timeless education of sadhana is the most effective spiritual path to awaken consciousness and enhance our inner medicine potential for self healing.

Wise Earth sadhana informs that Food, Breath & Sound are the three nourishers of nature. Through them we live in peaceful accord with nature and discover the true Self. It is one of the most significant practices for self healing and spiritual growth.

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