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Pierre Couvillion

I meet the established requirements for education and experience, and am registered with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and the Yoga Alliance, the national organizations for these health care disciplines

Pierre Couvillion

Full Description

Group classes offer meaningful community – people coming together to tune in, not tune out.

Our classes are thorough, physical workouts with a couple minutes of breath practice.

In yoga postures, exercise comes from breath-based exploration rather than performance-based challenge.  Leave class feeling invigorated rather than exhausted.

For many of us, union with the true Self  (standing apart from the spinnings of my mind)  comes from a sequential progression beginning with faith.  Faith then leads to the courage to act.  Courageous action leads to the memory of who I truly am.  In this memory, I become absorbed, without my mind overlooking my every step.  In this absorbed state, I glimpse Divine Insight shining forth from within.

Yoga is applicable to all people, regardless of age, locale, race, religious belief, or era.  Yoga starts with the premise that everything we need is already within us.  True happiness is a matter of weeding away the unnecessary and remembering who I truly am.

This layer is improved through the regular practice of specific breathing techniques.


Breath tools bring increased vitality, greater awareness of the interior body, accelerate the release of old waste, and allow for a more subtle connection to who I am.  I follow the breath current and learn to feel a bio-electric or magnetic sense of the physical body.  I begin to feel a link between my breath, my emotions and my physical holding patterns.



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Years In Private Practice?

1-2 Years

Contact Phone


What Ayurvedic Services are offered?

  1. Anxiety Issues
  2. Ayurvedic Facials
  3. Ayurvedic Massages
  4. Beauty Treatments
  5. Children Consultations
  6. Chronic Conditions
  7. Depression Issues
  8. Digestion Issues
  9. Dosha Test
  10. Dosha Tests
  11. Exhaustion Issues
  12. Fatigue Issues
  13. Fertility & Virility Issues
  14. Hair Loss Issues
  15. Insomnia Issues
  16. Lifestyle Consultations
  17. Lifestyle Consults
  18. Massage Services
  19. Memory Issues
  20. Mood Swing Issues
  21. Nasya Karma
  22. Neuro Muscular Issues
  23. Pregnancy Guidance
  24. Pulse Test
  25. Pulse Test
  26. Puncha karma
  27. Punchakarma
  28. Rejuvenation Services
  29. Shirodhara
  30. Skin Issues
  31. Weight Loss Issues
  32. Ayurvedic Consultations

Days of Week Open

  1. Mon
  2. Tue
  3. Wed
  4. Thu
  5. Fri
  6. Sat
  7. Sun


1409 East 86th St





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