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Devi Mueller CAS MAyu

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Devi Mueller CAS MAyu

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Well, here we are in a new year with a new energy developing.  This year holds the energy for healing, not just individually but for all mankind and our planet.

The changes that were put into motion during 2012 will continue to unfold during this year.  It is going to take some hard work to make sure that we capture the forward motion and find ways to inspire others to unite in love and compassion for everyone.

With the healing energy available, it will require those of us who are committed to a new and more inclusive order to find the courage and faith to use it.  This will not be an easy year.  The challenge may actually come from a healing economy as that could find us falling back into old ways of being and doing.  It is the responsibility of those with a sense of a higher consciousness to make every effort to introduce more love, compassion, and social responsibility into the equation.

For many of us, it is the time to step forward as teachers.  Even when we worry that we do not have enough wisdom to teach, we have to dig deeply within ourselves to connect with the truth that we have and find ways to use that to guide others.  In the early months of the year we will need to work on ourselves to find the knowledge and compassion that we can use to heal ourselves first.  It is only after we have love and compassion for self that we can extend that same energy to others.

There will likely be times when we are called to move outside of our comfort zones to speak up and take a stand.  When we align our heart and pulse with the planet and the highest Divine energy, we can step outside of self and give help and comfort to others.  The nurturing force of “mothering” will be needed, from both women and men, for each of us.  This is really the need to listen, understand and protect from a place of detached love in order for us to be at our best.

We need great generosity of spirit and charitability in our physical, mental and emotional lives.  Bringing balance to serving and accepting being served is a key element.  It is time to recognize that working together is what can renew, revive and heal us.  Each must give what she can and be willing to receive what she needs.  This is not a time to drain our energy by honoring self less and others more, it is necessary to find that balance of give and take that can heal everyone.

During 2013 it will be important to celebrate.  It is through celebration that we truly acknowledge the abundance we receive and the joy we share.  Find ways each day to “see” something that is a gift, no matter how small, and within acknowledge it with a celebratory spirit.  Be open to the big things that we can celebrate with loved ones and share with others.  Find opportunities to be the giver of “gifts” that others can celebrate.

Find the love, compassion and joy that is available to all of us this year, and make the most of it.



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Years In Private Practice?

1-2 Years

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(562) 884-0927

What Ayurvedic Services are offered?

  1. Anxiety Issues
  2. Ayurvedic Facials
  3. Ayurvedic Massages
  4. Beauty Treatments
  5. Children Consultations
  6. Chronic Conditions
  7. Depression Issues
  8. Digestion Issues
  9. Dosha Test
  10. Dosha Tests
  11. Exhaustion Issues
  12. Fatigue Issues
  13. Fertility & Virility Issues
  14. Hair Loss Issues
  15. Insomnia Issues
  16. Lifestyle Consultations
  17. Lifestyle Consults
  18. Massage Services
  19. Memory Issues
  20. Mood Swing Issues
  21. Nasya Karma
  22. Neuro Muscular Issues
  23. Pregnancy Guidance
  24. Pulse Test
  25. Pulse Test
  26. Puncha karma
  27. Punchakarma
  28. Rejuvenation Services
  29. Shirodhara
  30. Skin Issues
  31. Weight Loss Issues
  32. Ayurvedic Consultations

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