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Denise O’Dunn

Balance & Bliss Ayurvedic Lifestyle Center offers Ayurvedic consultations and traditional Ayurvedic treatments designed to restore your personal balance.

Denise O'Dunn

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The Doshas – Essential Dynamic Forces of Nature

This list is not intended to determine your Prakriti (original Dosha or body/mind type) or Vikriti (current Doshic state or influence) rather, it is offered to give you a better understanding of the basic principles of the Doshas according to Ayurveda. Each column lists the tendencies of the Dosha, describing physical structure and features, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, as well as, mental and emotional inclinations. It is common to find that you posses the traits of more than one Dosha, in fact, all three Doshas are present, but there will be one or two that are dominate.

VATA – Air & Space PITTA – Fire & Water KAPHA – Earth & Water
Very tall or very short – thin, lanky or underdeveloped – doesn’t gain weight easily Medium height – symmetrical, balanced or well developed – can gain or lose weight easily Tall and stocky or short and compact – large bones, solid build – gains weight easily, difficult to lose
Small, thin or long facial features Medium or proportionate facial features Large or broad facial features
Small, unsteady or active eyes Medium, sparkling or intense eyes Large, round, pleasant eyes
Dry, thin, course, or tight curly hair Fine, straight, or silky hair – early graying or balding Thick, wavy, oily, shiny or abundant hair
Irregular, prominent, stiff, or cracking joints Medium, loose, flexible, or toned joints Round, fleshy, well-knit, padded, lubricated joints
Thin, dry, rough, or fine pored, skin that rarely burns Moderately oily, soft, or fair skin that easily burns  – prone to freckles, moles, or rashes Oily, moist, smooth, pale, soft, thick skin that tans gradually – prone to large or congested pores
Cold hands and feet – poor circulation Warm hands and feet – good circulation Cool or moist hands and feet – moderate circulation
Irregular eating or sleeping habits Regular eating or sleeping habits Over eating or sleeping too long



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Years In Private Practice?

1-2 Years

Contact Phone

727 417-4006

What Ayurvedic Services are offered?

  1. Anxiety Issues
  2. Ayurvedic Facials
  3. Ayurvedic Massages
  4. Beauty Treatments
  5. Children Consultations
  6. Chronic Conditions
  7. Depression Issues
  8. Digestion Issues
  9. Dosha Test
  10. Dosha Tests
  11. Exhaustion Issues
  12. Fatigue Issues
  13. Fertility & Virility Issues
  14. Hair Loss Issues
  15. Insomnia Issues
  16. Lifestyle Consultations
  17. Lifestyle Consults
  18. Massage Services
  19. Memory Issues
  20. Mood Swing Issues
  21. Nasya Karma
  22. Neuro Muscular Issues
  23. Pregnancy Guidance
  24. Pulse Test
  25. Pulse Test
  26. Puncha karma
  27. Punchakarma
  28. Rejuvenation Services
  29. Shirodhara
  30. Skin Issues
  31. Weight Loss Issues
  32. Ayurvedic Consultations

Days of Week Open

  1. Mon
  2. Tue
  3. Wed
  4. Thu
  5. Fri
  6. Sat
  7. Sun


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