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Ayurvedic Skincare by Ayurda

Pure Ayurvedic Skin Care - Going Beyond Organics. Ayurda believes that just offering organic skin care is not enough. We go "Beyond organic", which means that our products have a natural energy, purity and an integrity that comes from not only how they're made, but also where and by whom. The purer the source and the process, the purer Ayurda products will be and therefore infused with natural healing energy. Ayurda follows traditional ancient methods of cultivation that pay attention to the energy of the area in which the plant is grown and how the lifestyle of the people growing herbs have impacted its growth.

Ayurvedic Skincare by Ayurda
Pure Ayurvedic Skin Care

Full Description

All Natural Ayurvedic Ingredients

Our ingredients are crafted with love and respect for our environment and health. The Ingredients that have been selected for these formulations not only have specific healing properties, but have shown a lack of harmful after-effects and irritative reactions. Plant extracts and natural ingredients have been carefully formulated into products for daily skin and hair care use.

Ayurda is committed to the consumer being educated and fully aware about their choices in body care products. Here is a list with descriptions of many of the ingredients used in our products so you can make your own conscious choices. You can feel comfortable while using these products that your skin is experiencing optimum nourishment without the synthetic by-products.

Why The Ayurvedic Skin Care Approach Works

Incorporating the wisdom of Ayurvedic principles we use a holistic approach to skin care. We teach you to incorporate the ancient secrets of flawless skin and ageless beauty into your everyday life.

We give you a personal prescription and dosha test for skin care products that will help you harness your individual body’s ability to maintain a flawless complexion.

Through our unique assessment we will identify your personal needs. Your specific set of physical, mental and behavioral characteristics will help us understand your internal state of being. We take into account the whole person: your body frame, facial and skin structure, mental attitude, hair, nails and temperament.

On this basis we can determine your personal requirements. We’ll prescribe the ideal organic skin care products that will form the basis for your daily beauty routine along with some simple Ayurvedic tips that you can be easily incorporated into your daily routines.

Natural skin care that works with you-

You will learn how to create a balance between mind and body and how this awareness can bring health and wellbeing to your life. Life challenges us with many opportunities. Although there is much which we have little control over, we do have the power to determine our beauty regimes, our diet and our every day personal routines.

To maintain balance and health it is important to give attention to these decisions. The only way to conquer ageing is too reduce stress and expand awareness so that we may nourish our personal body requirements.

Beauty is as unique as the individual itself. Ayurveda is not one size fits all but rather consciously customized for each person.

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