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The 1800Ayurvedic.com resource directory is run by a member team of Ayurvedic professionals devoted to enabling the growth and sharing of Ayurvedic knowledge and connections with those who seek it. The depth and breadth of Ayurvedic knowledge is so vast and so deep, that we are devoted to the quest of simplifying the search for Ayurvedic Doctors (BAMS), Practionioners, Educators, Professionals, Retreats, Services and products that represent this 5,000 year old science of life.

It is our intent that this Ayurvedic directory is nurtured by the professionals and clients that it serves. We hope that blossoms to be an accurate, respected and comprehensive resource of all things Ayurveda and well as its very popular sister-science, Yoga. We intend to honor and share connections and recommendations of those that have devoted their lives to sharing and teaching these two compatible sciences as well as their wisdom and lifestyle that enable a full and healthy life. We will be fulfilled when this natural and wonderful science of life is accessible to those that seek its wisdom of life and healing.

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